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Since first connecting with Marie and Jake back in 2018 they have been huge influences in both my career and personal life. For a two year period we travelled Internationally and lived on the road together. I assisted in the filming and editing of their video and photo content, ultimately assisting in growing their 120,000 following to over 700,000 in the time I shared with them. 

I became an integral member of their team and business, moving into growth of their YouTube channel and creation of content to promote multiple other business ventures. The growth I experienced alongside them is something I’ll be forever grateful for. 



After meeting Kyle and Hayley in the Komodo Islands we all quickly became close friends. With travel not being opened to the world we all set our eyes on our home country. My goal this year is the see as much of Australia as I can, Kyle and Hayley also have the same idea. We started our Australian journey exploring beautiful Tasmania together. On a two week road trip we made our way across the island visiting all the best spots. I look forward to exploring and creating more in our beautiful country.



After a chance meeting in Namibia on a job for DB Journey, there was an instant connection between Jonny and I, fuelled by our shared drive and love for creating. Keeping in contact over subsequent years, I enjoy every opportunity to work with Johnny. This Vlog, filmed by Johnny and edited by myself, always leaves me in awe of how the digital age we live in provides the ability to collaborate, create and connect despite distance. 

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