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Being born and bred in South Australia, I’ve always had a soft spot for this place. What started out as a passion to share the beauty of the place I call home, has over time developed into a strong working relationship with the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). Now considered one of their go-to videographer/photographers, I have assisted in the growth of their brand and notoriety of the state on an international level. SATC regularly features my content on their website and TV commercials, and provides me access to engage with their audience on their personal Instagram page. 

This video was shared by Beautiful Destinations one of the world’s largest travel communities on social media with over 25 million highly engaged followers in 180 countries. 



The iconic Australian red centre. 

I first worked with Tourism NT in collaboration with SATC, capturing and promoting the ‘Explorers Way Road Trip’ - a pathway from Adelaide across the border up into Darwin. The rugged beauty of the red earth and all the Northern Territory has to offer is like nowhere else in the world. In a recent trip to the Northern Territory, a group of creators and myself visited and documented iconic attractions as part of Tourism NT’s COVID-19 recovery.

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