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Videography was Elliot’s first love in digital content creation. With a reputation built on capturing cinematic and emotive moments, Elliot’s authentic, digital storytelling has captivated the awe of thousands of people from around the world. Where the realm of authentic moments transitions into the visceral experience of uncovering a new destination, Elliot’s videos are renowned globally in the digital and social environments. Elliot is a master of his craft and has invested in diversifying his developed skillset with hand held DSLR, underwater photography, drone and FPV piloting. His videography is brought to life through creative and innovative editing where his seamless transitions and careful connections of flow between scenes have set a new standard in digital and social videography.  Elliot’s footage has been used in award winning TVCs with global brands as well as working with start-ups that understand the power of quality creative who are unafraid to be beautiful. 

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