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Elliot is a freelance Photographer and Videographer specialising in the online travel & lifestyle genres. Raised in the Adelaide Hills, Australia, Elliot has travelled extensively domestically and internationally with various clients and brands. Every trip fuels his passion and love of exploring all parts of our precious world. From a young age he has seen life moments as film scenes so his natural inclination to forge a reputable career in videography and photography is intrinsic. Elliot is renowned for his unique style which has carved his reputation for digital storytelling in the travel and lifestyle industry. Client feedback commends Elliot’s focus on emotive storytelling, maintaining engagement and powerful use of sound design all founded in his versatility of FPV, underwater, drone, handheld, and other creative methods.
Amongst both friends and clients, Elliot is known for his extremely driven and positive approach to on-location shooting. Making the most of every minute of golden light, he has earned a reputation within the industry as an enjoyable, productive crew member to have on shoot and on location.

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